Vidya Institute Of Training And Education (VITE)

Uchasiya, Fatehganj East, Faridpur (Bareilly)

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Chairman's Message

Educational Environment of today is far competitive and include lot many things other than the bookish knowledge. Today’s environment is more competitive, requires overall development of personality with social and cultural development. For job opportunities need of vocational training is being felt badly. Today’s educational environment is characterized by powerful forces of change-far reaching & continuing development in education, increasing integration of world’s economies, intense competition with a continuing stream of new players & incumbents fighting to protect their territories, a flurry of new products & services in industry and major social changes all over the world. To meet all these challenges new experiments are also need to be done in education and overall personality development of students to face a new challenging world. VITE has been planned and developed to take care of changed and revised need of students.

Chairperson Principal

Executive Body (Managing Committee) of VITI

S. No. Name & Address Age & Sex Designation Qualification/Profession
1 Sh. N.K. Singh
Vill. & P. O. Prathvipur Dhai, Distt. Shahjahanpur (UP).
65 M Chairman B.A., Businessman
2 Smt. Neeru Sharma 319, Teacher’s Colony, Faridpur, Bareilly (UP). 40 F Mantri / Secretary M.A., Educationist
3 Sh. Vinod Ch. Sharma Mo.: Mahajanan, Jalalabad Shahjahanpur (UP). 56 M Treasurer M.A., L.L.B., Advocate
4 Smt. Renu Sharma 32, Sindhu Nagar, Bareilly. 41 F Member M.A., B. Ed., Educationist
5 Smt. Mamta Sinha Sheikh Sarai, N. Delhi. 43 F Member M.Sc.(Chemistry), Scientist
6 Sh. Ravi Jha 1121, Ratan Lal Nagar Kanpur (UP). 45 M Member B. Tech. (Civil), Engineer (Environmental Expert).
7 Sh. Ajay Sharma Mo.: Mahajanan, Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur (UP). 58 M Member M.A., L.L.B., Advocate
8 Sh. Rajnish Chandra Kachcha Katra, Shahjahanpur (UP) 36 M Member M. Com., Finance Expert
9 Sh. Rahul Pandey Vill. Sansarpur, Golabajar Mainpuri (UP). 32 M Member B.Tech.(Mech.), Engineer
10 Sh. Vikesh Chandra Usavan Road, Rly. Xing Badaun (UP). 32 M Member B.Sc., Social Worker, Community mobilization
11 Sh. R.P. Singh Suresh Sharma Nagar, Bareilly (UP). 52 M Member M.A., Social Worker